Relational Life Therapy

Do you feel like you are stuck in a relational rut? 

Most of us, know we need help in learning, skills and tools for better communication and, a relationship that is tender, intimate, and passionate.  The challenge, is that we keep having the same fight and are then unable to figure out how to fix it.  If intervention by a professional doesn't happen, we often end up dissatisfied and complacent in our relationship. 

You do not GET a good relationship that is close and satisfying.  You need to BUILD it with thought and skill, brick by brick.  My approach using, Relational Life Therapy, will help you learn to connect intellectually, emotionally, physically, sexually, and spiritually.  Healthy intimacy occurs when you can share all areas with one another. 

Using this approach, you will both experience a new way to look at communication.  We will dive deeper into sources of your marital challenges and discover ways to negotiate and resolve stuck points.  This is different than any other counseling you've experienced.  Both partners need someone who can offer a direct approach that helps them explore current strategies that aren't working.  This is done through diagnosis, coaching, and accountability in order to unlock new skills and strategies.

Whether you are starting a new life together or have been married for years, you can gain incredible insight into ways to nurture your partner and yourself.  I can help you create a stronger partnership, as you develop the tools you need to build a rich and healthy connection with one another.